Whatsapp Trick – How to Make the Most of Calendar Function

One of the most useful Whatsapp Tips is to make the most of its calendar function. You can use the calendar to share your calendar events and invite friends. This feature allows you to send any kind of files. The text in your message will become highlighted and italicized. The same goes for images and videos. This feature can also be used to share contacts. The WhatsApp app is available on Android and iOS. The following are some of the tips to use the Calendar feature.

Whatsapp Tips

First, leave the group. This is very easy to do as it will send your message to the group you’re in. Another useful tip is to block the person who added you. Then, you can send them a message with the voice in it. Remember, you can also record your voice and send it to them via WhatsApp. The voice message will appear in the conversation. This is an essential feature for effective communication. The user can use the call history to send and receive messages.

Next, you need to restart your computer to make it run faster. To make your phone work faster, you can use the WhatsApp tips in the chat window. You can see your message history on your web browser. When you are finished, simply press the “reply” button. Then, you can reply to the message directly from your browser. This will enable you to respond to the message without sending a read receipt. You can also block people from replying to your messages.

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